Perfect solutions to manage all conversations between your doctors and patients

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Most Innovative Solution for Healthcare Industry

The perfect solution for dentists looking for patient engagement, loyal patients and online/offline appointments

Combat Patient Churn

Chat bot is the perfect solution to retain your patients and engage them with chat bot which behaves like a human.

Incognito leads

Convert your incognito leads into online/offline appointments and boost your sales up to 40-70% through direct visitors.

Live Chat + Omnichannel Strategy

Tripdairy chatbot has the ability to transfer conversation from automation to human agent.Furthermore, it can be integrated with facebook, website, google and WhatsApp

Customer Engagement

When it comes to customer experience, our chat bot is self-sufficient to answer patient’s queries and help them with appointment date’s availability, treatment information and it’s charges

Tripdairy Business Integrations

Connect Your customers with world leading social media and customer base platforms .

Analytical Dashboard

Bring speed, insights and innovations to create value for your patients

It offers smart insights and innovation for the dentist such as the need for services to be added or improved and can take correct measures on complaints.

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