Contactless Dining For Your Restaurant

Get set up with the QR code in less than an hour, without changing your existing system.

It enables your restaurant to provide an end-to-end contactless dining experience to your customer where they can view the complete menu, itemized menu, images, offers, videos and place orders - without the need for any human contact.

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Contactless Dining

Contactless Order

Customers can directly access to food menu and offers by scanning the QR code.

Contactless Menu

Customers can view full menu, itemized menu, offers, today’s special and will be able to place order which will be automatically displayed to restaurant ‘s device

Contactless Payment

Customers can make a payment without any human help

Contactless Feedback

Customers can provide real time feedbacks and ratings after dining experience.

Ensure Business Continuity in New Normal

No Human Contact
It enables you to operate without any need of human contact and keep everyone safe.

Easily Accessible
Guests can use their mobile and can view food menu, itemized menu, images, videos, offers and pay their bills and get alerted when their food is ready without interacting with any human.

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