Automate Conversations with an Omnichannel Chatbot.

Bring customers and brands together through personalized, omnichannel experiences

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Conversational Customer Experience

The perfect solution for secure and scalable Artificial Intelligence powered chatbots for business.

Reduce Customer Churn

Chat bot is perfect solution to retain your customers and engage them with chat bot which behaves like human.

Incognito leads

Convert your incognito leads into your services and boost your sales up to 40-70% through delivering services to your customers.

Live Chat

Tripdairy chat bot has ability to transfer conversation from automation to human agent.

Customer Engagement

When it comes to customer experience, our chat bot is self-sufficient to answer guest’s queries.

Automated Chatbots

Chatbots are advanced AI based technology which can cross-sell or upsell your services!

Step-up customer experience with quick, personalised chats powered by conversational AI.

  • Deliver quick replies and Personalised support
  • Channels of customer's choice
  • Fast Bot to Human interactions

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Scale Customer Support

Adapt technology to maximize workforce and operations to power customer experiences with our scalable service and win customer's loyalty.

  • Focus on customer's experience
  • Personalized Upselling Inhouse Services
  • Handling Customer Inquiries

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Analytical Dashboard + Report

Bring speed, insights and innovations to create value for your guests

It offers smart view into actionable data and gain insights about engaged, churnable, and retained conversations. Build a deeper understanding of your customers and make smarter decisions.

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Why Us ?

Zero Maintenance Fee
Hassle Free Deployment
Omni channel Communication
Data Safety
Lead Generation
Fully Customizable
Data Analytics
Revenue Growth
Customer Report
Reduce Customer Churn
Human + Automated Chat
Email Notification

Tripdairy Integrate's with All Leading Conversational Channels

Connect Your customers with world leading social media and customer base platforms.

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